Deserts of South West USA

Instructors: Antony Spencer and Christian Fletcher

Price:  5995 pounds (not AUS)




Join Antony Spencer and myself on a one off adventure into one of the worlds greatest landscapes, the deserts of the SW USA. We will be camping at times as well as using hotels to get access to some of the most incredible and remote locations in the whole of the SW.

Our Journey begins at Las Vegas, from here we will head into the desert exploring a variety of locations as we head towards our departure point of Albuquerque. The list of options in between is too big to list in full. Likely locations to be visited include Valley Of Fire, White Pocket, Coyote Buttes South, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Bisti Badlands, Shiprock, White Sands National Monument and many more

We will be camping at times on our journey which provides us with maximum flexibility and ensures we can get ourselves into the right place at the right time. This truly is the best way to capitalise on whatever the weather throws at us during our journey. We will only camp for a maximum of two nights in a row, tents will be provided, each participant will need a sleeping bag and mattress.

We will aim to make the very most of every sunrise and sunset of the trip but as well as this we can photograph at night using moonlight and or the milky way to fill the night sky. The deserts are incredibly dark and are truly spectacular to photograph at night with an abundance of foregrounds and photographic interest.

A helicopter flight of two hours is included in the price over Lake Powell. Boasting a coastline longer than the entire West Coast of the U.S this lake provides incredible views from above. Each participant will have an unobstructed view down to the lake below at either sunrise or sunset. Also included is one night of camping at the top of Hunts Mesa inside Monument Valley. Using Navajo guides we will be driven to the top of the mesa to photograph sunset and sunrise in one of the most spectacular locations on the planet.

Places are very limited due to the 4×4 vehicles required to get us into these very remote locations. We will aim to spend as much time as possible in the more remote and therefore less photographed areas of the South West.Maximum group size is 8 participants.

Please note- This tour will be visiting and camping in very remote regions of the deserts. We could at times be camping over 100 miles from the nearest city or town. A reasonable degree of fitness will be required for walking through this landscape.