Daintree 2017 with Les Walkling


Date: 4th – 11th of June

Instructors: Les Walkling & Christian Fletcher

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Daintree 2017 is a contemporary photography workshop for anyone who is wondering ‘how do I get to the next level’? That is, how do I progress beyond merely beautiful images and prints, beyond the mastery of camera craft and production skills, workflows and clients, competitions and associations, to develop and infuse my work with more meaning, significance and purpose?

This is no easy task, and there are many prerequisites: we need time and space away from the hurly-burly distractions of everyday life. We need an unbelievably beautiful and inspiring location that only asks the best of us. We need state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities that won’t let us down. And we need incredibly experienced teachers and mentors who not only work ‘at that next level’, but also possess the empathy, compassion, understanding and intellectual frameworks needed to facilitate your journey ‘to the other side’. These are rarely found qualities, but at Daintree 2017, we supply them all, and in abundance.

Les Walkling is quite simply “the man”. What he doesn’t know doesn’t exist. Be prepared to have your mind blown. You can read his CV here.

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